NIIT introduces Web App Development with MEAN Stack program under its digiNxt series.

MEAN allows you to use Javascript on the backend as well as the frontend with Node.js, which can save you from having to learn a separate language. In addition, the NoSQL nature of MongoDB allows you to quickly change and alter the data layer without having to worry about migrations, which is a very valuable attribute when you're trying to build a product without clear specifications.

Key Program Details

Program Duration: 14 weeks, 5 Days a Week, 6 Hours a day (4 Hours in Classroom + 2 hours of self-learning at home)

Evaluation: Students would be primarily evaluated on their project work.

Placement: On successful completion of the program, 100% placement assistance is offered to the students.

Exit Profile: Full Stack Developer

Technology Framework used during Project

Environment Framework used during Project

Program Objectives

Projects Part of the Program

Program Modules

11 Reasons to join MEAN Stack Program

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